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But It’s Winter – Why Would I Want To Tint My Windows?

Most of the reasons that you will see given to apply a tint to your windows, will be mainly based around preventing heat in the summertime.

But here in Edmonton, Canada, EdmWindowTinting.ca is still busy doing jobs for customers – both domestic and commercial.

So what are the reasons that customers are turning to tinted windows, even as the snow is falling and the icy chill of winter is coming in through the panes?


The first reason is that UV rays do not magically stop when the summer does. Even in the winter months, UV rays continue to come in through our domestic windows. This can have all the same implications that it does in the summer time.

Of course, there are still the skin implications of UV rays, namely the carcinogenic properties.

If you have a room with a large window or maybe even a conservatory, you want to be able to enjoy all the benefits that it brings without worrying about UV rays. A window tint can reduce the amount of UV rays significantly into your home.

Not only is this good news for your skincare routine, but it is also better for your furnishings.

Soft furnishings such as curtains and carpets can experience significant fading in the beam of UV rays. This is obviously something that you want to avoid, especially if you have expensive drapes or luxurious materials in the line of the window.

Sadly, deep colors and beautiful fabrics such as velvets can suffer the worst, when it comes to UV rays. This is why people choose dark window tints for their rooms – and not just in the summer months.


There is another reason that window tinting is popular, even in the winter months, is because it can help save you energy.

Whilst in the summer months, a window tint will undoubtedly cool your rooms down, in the winter months, it can have the opposite effect.

A darker window tint can actually warm your room up, by trapping the heat inside. It acts a bit like a curtain or a drape would do.

And this can result in lower heating bills in the winter months.

So cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer rooms in the winter – there is a good reason to choose window tints for your home, whatever the season is!


In the winter, the sun can really get in your face – and not always in a good way. The lower the rays are, the more intrusive they become and unfortunately the hazy winter sun can be really quite inconvenient sometimes.

If you have a nice sunny room, which gets a lot of winter sunshine, it is an awful shame to have to draw the drapes or completely bring the shutters down on it!

And yet drawing the curtains seems like the only thing to do when the sun is getting in your eyes or making it difficult to do things like look at screens or watch television.


Instead of shutting out the daylight completely, a dark window tint can bring the best of both worlds; by lessening the glare coming in through the windows, without needing to block out the sun altogether.


Finally, in the winter months, especially, you need to turn the lights on a lot earlier than you do in the summertime. This can result in people being able to see inside your home easily and if you have a window that faces outside, this can be an unwanted intrusion.

Window tints can come in all types, including darker ones and even mirrored ones, that can make it hard or even impossible for others to see inside – whilst you can still look outside.

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